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The process starts with a conversation—either on the phone or during a face-to-face meeting—in which we discuss not only your project needs but also your work style. We determine how we'll actually work together, which depends on what services you need and what's most comfortable and productive for you.

Are you most comfortable communicating primarily via e-mail or "on the page"?

Are you most comfortable talking face-to-face or on the phone?

The above are just two examples. There are many other items to discuss at project inception: Do you want a heavy edit, which includes feedback on the content as well as line editing, or do you want want simple proofreading to correct grammar and typos? Do you need research done? Do you need graphics created?

I generally charge by the hour rather than charging by the job, which tends to be the most financially equitable for my clients. Some clients need one revision and some more. Before discussing rates, I need to have a look at the document or have a clear idea of what you need written. There's never a charge for the initial conversation.