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When the Mueller's bought the classic Route 66 Blue Swallow Motel and began to restore it to its former glory, they wanted a website that reflected the time in which the motel was originally built. Given my knowledge of the era, my passion for roadside motels, and the plethora of original materials I had on hand, I conceived and created a cohesive website design. This website features and online reservation system, a gift shop, and responsive design.

I also sell on eBay and Etsy and list items for others—for details, see the Services page.


Read my full resume and endorsements on LinkedIn.


Marcella DeBourg Fellowship, 2003

Devils Tower Writers-in-Residence Program, 2003


I have worked with Ellen on a number of complex writing projects over the past number of years. She is exceptional at all levels of conceptualization, writing and editing. Whether it’s quickly understanding complicated projects or executing with the utmost of skill and professionalism, Ellen always delivers excellence. I very much look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to work together

—Fred McGrath, Vision Point Communications